Wait what do you mean by pathetic? The thoughts or the parents?

— Anonymous

Yeah towards the parents, any parents who are ashamed by their children seeking help or any shame towards them is pathetic 

Don't you think your blog glorifies these clowns a little? I mean I'm all for suicide but only cowards commit mass murder. Just my .02

— Anonymous

We all have our opinions.

I hope people have flashbacks
Eric Harris says of Columbine massacre survivors. Basement Tapes. (via mrs-ericharris)    

My thoughts changes from suicidal to homicidal. I can't received help because my parents think it brings shame to the family for me to have a counselor. I don't know what to do anymore.

— Anonymous

That is so pathetic and if your having a counselor to help you with these problems you are having and it’s a shame to your parents? That’s not right, You should go see a counselor on your own or talk to your guidance counselor about how you want some help.  

All that is missing is Daniel


What the Senior Victims were wearing at the Columbine Shootings

Parking lot of Columbine