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Toledo Blade, December 19, 1999.

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I knew they were capable of violence, but I just didn’t know they would do it
Former TCM member, Pauline Colby. (via mrs-ericharris)    


Driver license photos cleanest

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Sorry if this sounds stupid but is zero day just a movie or did it happen in real life and then they made s movie after it?

— Anonymous

Zero Day is a movie, it was based on the Columbine Shooting and on Eric & Dylan. 

Where does it say that they self harmed..?

— Anonymous

Well Dylan mentioned it in his journal twice, "I was Mr Cutter tonight", "I’d slit my wrist and blow up Atlanta strapped to my neck"

Dylan’s autopsy: image

Extremities: image


Eric: Extremities: image

Abrasion: Wound consisting of superficial damage to the skin. Removes first layer of skin, (rubbing, scratching, scraping

Laceration is tearing of the skin. (Cuts  caused by sharp object)

Contusion (bruise)

Punctuate (Also known as depressions, punctures, or marks on the skin)

What are some videos where you can clearly hear Eric speak for a while?

— Anonymous

Hitmen For Hire, Radioactive Clothing

Did Dylan or Eric self harm or anything like it ? btw your blog is amazing (:

— Anonymous

Yes they both did