On April 20th 1999 Kristi Epling and Alyssa Sechler went out for lunch and saw Eric pulling in, after she honked her horn at him and they both waved, and he waved back.

When Kristi Epling was dating Dan Lab whom was the guy that punched Eric in the face during science, Eric and Kristi send notes back and forth and had a conversation about him. There was never an explanation on why he did.

Transcript of the note between Eric & Kristi Epling

Kristi: ..did I make your hit list yet?

Eric: nope, yer on my “semper fi” list, but (Redacted) still is in the top 5, along with this asshole named (Redacted) or (Redacted) or something.

Kristi: That’s fine, he knows that. He wants off, or rather, he doesn’t want to die anytime soon.

Eric: He will always be under the gun and in the sights since he hit me in the face, even though it didn’t hurt at all. Until I get to hit him back I will always be pissed at him and his dick head friend too. If they want “off” then tell them to show some fuckin’ respect to their elders(me and Dylan) and never make another smart ass remark about (illegible) to us. 

Kristi: If you’re going to be pissed at me for being with (Redacted), then that is your thing, but I think that it’s stupid. I’m still the same person, I didn’t change just because I’m with him, but you are going to do what you will. 

Eric: Exactly. But I didn’t think you would go out with someone like him. But oh fuckin well es ist mir scheiss egal. Does he still want me to be nice to him? 

Kristi: I’m sorry I let you down, but I’m happy (illegible) for now, he never wanted you to be nice to him, he just didn’t want you to kill him(he’s definitely scared of you) 

Eric: Well if he will let me punch him in face,His friend is another story though. I’ll kill him…

So brandon Larson was one of the bullies at columbine?

— Anonymous

Eh not really but he was a jock and Eric and Dylan hated him, he was supposedly on both their shit lists. They talked about him in the Basement Tapes. But Marc Tieri stated that he saw Brandon was arguing with a guy that was wearing black. He also stated that he was the smaller student wearing black told Brandon “get his gang after him” and Brandon said ” I’ll kill them all”. 

The “I love you dad, I’ll see you tomorrow ” part really gave me chills, because you never know when someone could be saying their last words to you. Parents  see their children leave and come home from school, suddenly one day they don’t come home.

This site has all documentaries on  ”Serial Killers”, “Elliot Rodger”, “School Shootings”, “Crimes” etc. This link is to many Columbine Documentaries.


Ricochet In Reverse

I thought it said “Rachet In Reverse” lololol

We had to kind of egg him on to swing, to hit the pitch sometimes. It wasn’t that he was afraid of the ball, just that he didn’t want to miss. He didn’t want to fail.
Terry Condo, Eric Harris’ former coach. (via crimeandcolumbine)    

KMFDM’s album “Adios” was recorded in 1998 and was released on April 20th 1999. On December 20th 1998 Eric wrote in his journal how the new album was being released on the month of their attack. "A subliminal final “Adios” tribute to Reb and Vodka”

Similar Rammstein Sticker on the Rammstein site that was on the back of Eric’s 1986 honda prelude.