Patti Nielson 911 Call
Columbine Massacre
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Eric: There’s some bitches standing right over there

One of the worst things I’ve ever heard in my life and I advise no one to listen it, is the 911 tapes of the shooting in the library
Brooks Brown    

Is it bad that I actually wish I was the third shooter

— Anonymous

Erci killed Dylan and then killed himself? right?

— Anonymous

No, they both killed themselves. 

Leawood Elementary School was where the families had to go and find out where their children were and if they were safe or not during the massacre on April 20th 1999. A paper was taped up and it was a list of students and where they are. The pictures below can just show you the emotions going through the parents, it’s painful to see it. 


Fuck me / Die me

The Many Goodbyes of Dylan Klebold (Part 2)

2 (poems) Fuck me / Die me

Soon I will be at peace I hope…

…wanna die and be free w/ my love… if..she even exists.

If by fate’s choice, [redacted] didn’t love me, I’d slit my wrist and blow up atlanta strapped to my neck. It’s good, understanding a hard road since my realization, but it get’s easier. BUT IT DOESN’T! That’s part of existence. unpredictable. Existence is pure hell and pure heaven all the same time.

I will go away soon, but I just had to write this to you, the one I truly loved. Please, for my sake, don’t tell anybody, as it was only meant for you. Also, please don’t feel any guilt about my soon to be “absence” of this world. It is solely _my_ decision: nobody elses.

I want to go to a new existence you know what I mean (Suicide? _y_) I have nothing to live for and I won’t be able to survive in this world after this legal conviction. However, if it was true that you loved me as I do you,…I would find a way to survive. Anything to be with you. I would enjoy life knowing that you loved me.

Well, I guess this is it — goodbye & I love(d) you.

This is probably my last entry. I love myself a close second to [redacted] my everlasting love. goodbye.

I hate this non-thinking stasis. I’m stuck in humanity. maybe Going NBK (gawd) w. eric is the way to break free. i hate this. Love You.

(Part 1)

omg! you are so cute <3 also ps i love yr blog okay have a nice night

Aww thank you! :3

Im mostly on mobile so i dont know if you have links to it in your bio but wheres there a picture of you cause i see people saying youre good lucking and they wanna cuddle and id really like to see a cute face today!

— Anonymous

On my blog I have a picture of myself on the side, I’m not the type of person that likes to post photos all the time but here :) 

are you in college or do you have any career goals in psychology or a related field? :)

— Anonymous

Nope I’m still in highschool ;) but I am going to college for Pyschology and Criminal Justice.