"Nicole Ziccardi : Had gym with Klebold, who always had a sneer on his face that seemed to her to be hateful looking. 

Several people in the class referred him as “The jolly Green Giant”.


Wollt ihr das Welt in Flammen sehen? Do you want to see the world in flames?

(I think Eric made a mistake here, because the word “world” takes the feminine “die” form, not the neuter “das”. It should be “die Welt”. He most likely took this from the lyrics of the Rammstein song Herzeleid: “Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?”)


some fun facts about dylan 😌😌


eric and dylan with their dads (-: 


The father of Daniel Mauser, 15-years-old, leaves a tribute to his son at Columbine High School, where he was shot and killed during The Columbine Massacre.

where are u ?

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Little Corey Depooter. 

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in the cafeteria video i thought the bombs never went off but there was some explosion right...?

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Yes, they didn’t set off until Eric was shooting at them and Dylan throwing pipe bombs. When the security guards were in the cafe there was a little explosion

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