Goodbye. Basement tapes.

Just like you I took an interest in Eric Harris and Dylan klebold and I been researching them too. I love your blog! I found a woman on YouTube that's a library survivor and she talks about her experience, if you're interested in watching I would love to send you the link! :) good work on the blog keep it up!

Thank you! another person to add to our group!

Were Dylan and Eric bisexual? I hear they were.


They were obviously straight.

All we want is a bit of thrill,

Blood that was found on the rocks outside of Columbine on April 20th 1999. 

if I could nuke the world I would, because so far I hate you all.
Eric Harris (via mrs-ericharris)    

Daniel Rohrbough’s dead body photograph in the newspaper.

Thanks for your answer! That's a good point. Maybe they felt empty and sick of it all once the adrenaline ran out, though Eric made his journal sound he'd never have enough of killing people. But I don't think of him as a psychopath. There's one thing I'm still wondering: So they had a shit list but didn't kill any of them? Why? Had they trouble finding them?

— Anonymous

I agree with you, it’s very confusing on trying to figure out Eric, he had a lot of anger and yeah his journal entry’s show psychopathic signs, but he’s not a psychopath nor sociopath. His anger  took over him, you can only push someone so far, we all have a breaking point. Personally I think him being bullied and having to move away really took a toll on him, he was bullied so badly that it effected his mental health. I was bullied badly since 5th grade and now I have all these problems. Such as, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, short tempter etc.  But bullying does cause long term effects and I think that’s what happened to them, not only just the bullying but having a low self esteem and everything added to the pile. Actually the both came across some people on their shit lists but didn’t kill them?, I think it’s really weird how they didn’t kill the people they hated and caused them to shoot up the school. If your going to shoot up a school, instead of killing the innocents, you’d kill the people you hate or want revenge on. That would makes more sense.

Knifes would have probably disgusted them. Dylan for sure! You can feel like persons insides while stabbing them it's grossssssss.

— Anonymous

I already agreed that Dylan wouldn’t but I could see Eric getting a thrill out of it.

Do you think these two boys would actually stab people? I feel like they wouldn't because you can literally feel peoples guts while doing it. I feel like that would gross em out.

— Anonymous

Stabbing seems like a lot of work, like having to pull the knife in and out. But I could see Eric stabbing someone but not so much Dylan. They had knives but didn’t use them? you’d think they would of.