Nicole Nowlen was in the library when the shooting begin, she hid under a table with John Tomin, she was hit with nine pieces of buckshot. She stated when Dylan shot John Tomlin in the head, her legs were touching his and she felt his legs start to shake and after a moment it stopped.

Mark Taylor being dragged to safety after laying on the ground from when he was shot. 

Eric wanted to rule his own world.
Eric Veik    

Can you post Dylan's senior photos?

— Anonymous

we introduced ourselves from behind a rifle
Detective Stan Connally, on arriving at the Harris house on 4/20/99. Imagine opening your door to police officers pointing rifles at you :( Unfortunately, I bet the Harris’ were expecting this little visit. (via mrs-ericharris)    

The day after the massacre Cassie’s brother found a poem in her drawer, I found it quite eerie how she wrote “What it means to suffer and to die with him” 

I hate this none thinking stasis, i’m stuck in humanity. Maybe going “NBK” with Eric is the way to break free, I hide this. 

From Dylan’s Journal 

I don't understand why that won't release the basement tapes. If someone really wanted to copy cat they can watch the movie zero day

— Anonymous

Exactly and you can find pretty much anything on Google. I think they might be hiding something or their just being turds. 

Possibly my biggest regret of my life is attending Rachel’s funeral and not Dylan’s.
Devon Adams (via mrs-ericharris)    


i made dylan disappear omg